AHB is a Procurement Company. It was founded in 1997 by a group of bright.

Professionals with extensive knowledge of project execution in oil gas, petrochemical, water, and energy sectors.

This covers a variety of products over a number of industries exclusively in the pipeline industry. AHB is the driving force behind many projects in Iran and some countries in the Middle East. Having developed an extrusive international network of reliable sources for oil and gas Projects enables our company to provide all pipeline equipment & services. As well as obtaining material and equipment quickly & competitively while upholding. AHB is a dynamically growing group of companies with extensive experience of more than 20 years. Which operate in the pipeline industry in the region of Iran including:
  • Industrial – X-ray films and NDT equipment,
  • Welding consumables,
  • Anti-corrosion tapes,
  • Pipes, plate, valves, fitting, and so on
Steel Plate and Pipe
Welding consumables
NDT & Radiography Films
Anti corrosion tapes

AHB Activities Area

Supplying materials and equipment

Supplying materials and equipment required for civil, industrial projects especially in the field of oil, gas pipelines as below:
  • Supplying types of Plate required in the construction of pipes and tanks
  • Supplying welded, seamless pipes and fittings
  • Supplying different valves of transmission lines and process systems, control valves Safety and wellhead equipment
  • Supplying welding consumables
  • Supplying Industrial x-ray films and chemicals
  • NDT equipment and industrial radioactive materials and devices
  • Supplying heat shrinkable sleeves, cold applied wraps; FBE, HBE anti-corrosion tapes.

Business services and technical consulting

  • Providing business services to import goods and equipment required through valid sources and manufacturers boy foreign business network.
  • Providing technical consultant selecting goods, teaching aftersales pertaining to sets and goods required by the group.
 AHB Group was founded in 1997 by a group of bright.