NDT Equipment

AHB company 

In order to enhance the quality of Services and provided equipment, AHB focused on various techniques and methods of industrial radiography. This company by providing consultancy services helps the costumers to select the proper test methods and systems and due to the good connection with international European manufactures can supply all requirements of Costumers. Also by technical knowledge, experiences of experts and necessary license, offers the all business services for import, clearance, installation, setup and after sales services for equipment and devices.

Industrial Radiography Testing (RT)

Radioactive sealed sources
  • (Ir-192, Se-75)

Gamma projectors for industrial
X-ray machine for industrial radiography testing
Detectors and software
Computed Radiography (CR)
Mobile Beta torn x-ray machine
X-ray crawler’s machine equipped magnetic or radioactive commander
γ-ray crawlers machine equipped magnetic or radioactive commander
Industrial radiography films and chemicals (fixer & Developer)
Automatic industrial x-ray film processor
Film digitizer for industrial x-ray film
Personal radiation protection equipment
Film viewer, magnifier, densitometer, Consulting and implementation services


 AHB Group was founded in 1997 by a group of bright.